BLAZE by Donna RuBert & Yelena’s Reborn Little Stars

I got involved into a new (new for me) type of art – The Art of Reborning, when you take a blank vinyl and paint it into realistic looking baby doll.

I am doing the best that I can given my current reborning beginner skill level and I am striving to learn more and achieve more and more realistic results with each new baby that I reborn. 
I take pride in my creations because of the high level of attention to detail and a lot of work done under a magnifying glass. 
I am ‘infusing’ my babies with positive vibes and happiness as the reborning process of turning a blank vinyl into a ‘baby’ brings me lots of joy.
Here is Blaze created by Donna RuBert (sculptor of the kit) & Yelena’s Reborn Little Stars (me), you can check his listing for sale on
Please note that you can only contact me from site if you would like to adopt this reborn doll.


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