I have to ask my fellow WP community and my outside of WP followers for helping me to make a decision: Leaves or No Leaves.
Initially I planned to paint the leaves in copper metallic paint using impasto effect. The painting has a metallic background, which seems that I use a lot. I like the effect that metallic paint gives. It changes colors depending on the angle, part of the day and light. The only down side of it – it’s hard to photograph it ‘straight in the face’. This is why I had to take an angled shot to represent the true colours. Now, that I finished the trunks of the trees, I like it as it is. I am afraid that I will not like it as much when I’ll add the leaves. What do you think? Leaves or No Leaves? Leaves, depending on the color, will define the season and will not leave room for imagination. No leaves – leaves room for imagination – what is that on top of those beautiful blondies? Or maybe I just need to paint another one with the leaves to solve my uncertainties?

Original Acrylic Abstract Painting, Palette Knife, Metallic, Stretched Canvas – 24″ x 48″, Trees, Birch Trees, Aspen, Forest

Blondies – angled view

Blondies – room view

33 thoughts on “Blondies

  1. I think leaves but just a few random ones to give depth as the background looks very far and complex with this effect as is you just need to tie in some foreground.

  2. I’m thinking no leaves. I love the pattern of the vertical lines filled with more pattern against the metallic pattern.

  3. I really like it the way it is. But I’d be curious to see it with leaves. Maybe do an exact replica with leaves and then decide which one you want. That would be a lot of work though

    • Thank you, Kyle. Actually, your opinion at this point counts the most because it will be your Birthday present from me. Especially that you liked it so much ‘in person’ and it brings back the nice memories for you. 🙂

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog, so I could come to visit yours. This is a lovely painting, I like it without leaves, the simplicity is stunning. I use photoshop to take photos of my work and try out different options to see what works, like different backgound colours etc, I find it very helpful as an indicator and allows you to be wildly adventurous and push ideas. I also find taking photos of my work gives me another look at them which my shows areas of weakness that I hadn’t noticed before. Karen

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