Let It Be…

“When life gives you scraps – make a quilt.” – Proverb –

I used leftover palette paint from other painting and just let it turn into something without any effort of the mind, Zen-like, living-in-the moment-like, just “Let It Be…”

Original Acrylic Abstract Painting, Meditation, Colorful, Stretched Canvas – 12″ x 12″

And here is Mother-Nature’s rocky quilt. I don’t know if rocks can be color-enhanced and honestly I don’t care. Those colorful beans with rocks was my reward from the Universe for my Stone Mountain hike, and every time when I see those photos with rainbows of colors it makes me happy. Even more, at the end we caught a glass blowing demonstration and it’s just amazing what human creativity and fire can create.

Colorful rocks

Colorful rocks

Colorful vase made by Stone Mountain glass-master

Stone Mountain, Atlanta, GA

7 thoughts on “Let It Be…

  1. Love your quotes! Might borrow the perception on abstract art. 😉 . I too am a great believer in letting the soul guide your creative work. It runs much deeper than anything logical.

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